3GF 2012

Welcome to 3GF 2012

The Global Green Growth Forum is a partnership between the Governments of Denmark, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, China, Kenya, and Qatar together with leading global corporations and international organizations. 3GF annually convenes a select group of 250 political and business leaders to give momentum to long-term sustainable growth through scalable public-private partnerships. The second and most recent forum - 3GF2012 – was held in Denmark on 8-9 October 2012 under the thematic headline “Resource Efficiency and Growth”.

The Forum offers participants:

  • The opportunity to explore green business ventures and political opportunities in a direct and informal interchange with key political and economic leaders from governments, global corporations and financial institutions committed to the agenda of sustainable growth
  • The opportunity to get involved in and help shape emerging and existing public-private partnerships with a potential to bring scale and speed to a transformation of industries, sectors and markets towards a sustainable growth economy
  • Cutting edge knowledge development and inspiration from peers on how to develop and promote public-private cooperation for sustainable growth
  •  A clearer understanding on how a transition to a resource efficient and sustainable economy can spur new economic growth and jobs

For more detail on the proceedings of the latest annual convention and some highlighted outcomes from the sessions, please click here.

PPPs are advanced in cooperation with other international forums and processes, including the Clean Energy Ministerial, the B20 process, SEE4All, the World Economic Forum, UN Global Compact and the C40. Rather than adding to the diversity of the bottom-up initiatives for sustainable growth, 3GF gives existing initiatives a shared, informal, high-level platform, where the spotlight is put on their business case and ultimate potential to spur global economic growth.

To highlight and support the economic potential of PPPs for green growth, 3GF is pioneering with a world-first analytical tool to develop, assess and give direction to PPPs for resource efficiency. The draft 3GF PPP-tool was discussed during the 3GF Strategy Meeting in March and a final version will be launched during the Forum in October.