Energy Efficiency Finance

The specific objective of this Public-Private Partnership is to advance financing and implementation of energy efficiency measures across industries in India, China, and the US. The PPP proposes to do this by building capacity at banks in the respective regions to assess the efficiency opportunities of their clients and potentially by engaging energy service companies and technology suppliers from the regions in the program. The partnership will create a new market for energy efficiency services at industries through the banking system – a model that in principle can be developed and applied in any country or region and can spur investments and jobs.

The objective of the strategy session is to leave the participants with a clearer picture of how the model works and could be applied to other regions. The possibility of developing “generic” elements from the program – to be taken on by other financing institutions, donor countries, development agencies etc. – will be explored in this session.

Furthermore, the aim is to leave the initiative leader (the Institute for Industrial Productivity - IIP) with a clear vision on the potentials for scaling the scope of the program geographically, and to gain support through the engagement and direct involvement of banks, energy service companies and technology suppliers in the partnership. Participants will be invited to comment, provide guidance and commit to working with IIP in the further advancement of the initiative.

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  • Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building
  • The Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP)
  • The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Contact: Hans Jakob Eriksen / Director, GGGI – Global Green Growth Institute
Phone: +45 46 77 51 22
Mobile: +45 29 77 19 01
E-mail: [email protected]