3GF Preparatory Strategy Meeting

3GFs Strategy Meeting in Copenhagen 26-27 March 2012

On 26-27 March 2012, preparations for this year’s 3GF Forum was launched with an international strategy meeting in Copenhagen. During the two days meeting more than 100 of 3GF’s international stakeholders convened to discuss the thematic tracks and develop the concrete public-private initiatives to be featured during the Forum on 9-10 October 2012.

In order to ensure that the outcome of 3GF2012 will have a clear growth perspective and a global transformative potential, participants in the strategy meeting agreed to:

  • Support the development of actionable objectives and individual process action plans for for each thematic/PPP track towards 3GF2012
  • Seek inspiration in the PPP analytical tool being developed by 3GF to identify and explain the business case of each PPP being processed by 3GF
  • Seek alignment, synergy and coordination with other international processes on green growth, including Rio+20 and G20/B20

DAY ONE was opened by the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard, and the Danish Minister for the Environment, Ida Auken. Day one facilitated a strategic discussion among participants on an analytical framework for 3GF2012. The discussion was based on pioneering and unique analytical work prepared for 3GF on the interlinkages between resource productivity, green growth and public-private partnerships. Furthermore, participants – including senior representatives from key governments – discussed how to link the Forum to the international green growth agenda and how to follow up on outcomes of the various processes.

DAY TWO was opened by the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen-Dyhr. On day two a number of thematic workshops took place - Enabling Power System Transformation, Energy Efficiency in Industry, Water, Financing, Cities, Sustainable Biofuels for Aviation, Biorefining, Trade and Procurement - where core stakeholders embarked on content development for strategy sessions at 3GF2012. The thematic workshops evolved around concrete public-private partnerships with a clear growth perspective and a global transformative potential. Discussions were based on a draft concept paper developed by the organizational drivers of each PPP/thematic work area. Read more here