Country Sessions

Overall framing

Countries’ ambitious efforts to accelerate their own transition to a green growth pathway will be a critical foundation of success in greening the global economy. In these 6 sessions focus will be on national efforts to accelerate green growth planning and engage business in this process with country cases from Morocco, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Germany and Brazil.


Each session is explained and explored through the eyes of their respective political leadership and leading business voices. Complementing these grounded national perspectives will be international experts and moderators with direct experience in supporting green growth planning in the specific country.

Core issues

Each country session will address at core how public-private collaboration does or could enhance the quality of green growth policy development and implementation, with a particular focus on the following four questions:

  • What might be the value of public-private collaboration in accelerating the specific country’s transition to a green growth pathway?
  • What are the ways in which the private and the public sector collaborate in the country?
  • What are the main barriers to enhancing effective collaboration, and how might such barriers be overcome?
  • How might international cooperation enhance the quality of benefits of country-level public-private collaboration?

Session goals

  • To transfer learning on how best to build a green growth public-private collaboration at the national level through the presentation of 6 leading countries
  • To identify the values, potentials and challenges in accelerating green growth at a national level and discuss the way forward
  • To discuss and identify how international co-operation can enhance the pathway to green growth at a national level

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