Financing Green Growth

This strategy session will focus on options to scale up renewable and green infrastructure investments in light of numerous risks ranging from regulatory risks to risks induced by the financial crisis. In particular, the session has two core questions:

  • How to mobilize pension funds and other private financial institutions to support renewable and green infrastructure investments?
  • How to overcome policy-related risks?

To inform the discussions, work is underway to (a) map real and perceived risks associated with green capital investment; (b) conduct a series of case studies to understand optimal risk allocation; and (c) develop a concrete proposal to stimulate infrastructure investments.

The expected outcome of this session is a proposal for a concrete process or product to stimulate infrastructure investments. This proposal will be jointly supported by public and private partners and folded into discussion of the Green Growth Action Alliance (G2A2) to provide forward looking, action-oriented perspective on where this process could go next.

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Organisers: Danish Ministry of Business and Growth / Climate Policy Initiative

Contact: Barbara Buchner / Director, Climate Policy Initiative
Phone: +39 0412700420
Mobile: +39 3402510599
E-mail: [email protected]