Procurement and Private Finance Initiatives

Public procurement and PFIs present governments and cities with cost-effective and already existing instruments to stimulate green jobs, skills building and technology transfer. Accounting for sizable percentages of GDP (17% in the EU, 16% in the USA, 32% in South Africa, 43% in Vietnam and 33% in China), government purchasing represents scaled-up and long term demand across a number of industries, which in turn serves  as incentives for businesses to take the risks to invest, innovate and commercialize green products and services.

The Partnership for Procurement and Green Growth was established at the 3GF 2011 to accelerate implementation of green public procurement and PFI’s, validate their evolving business case and to facilitate projects supporting these endeavours.

As a basis for discussion at this session, the 3GF Partnership for Procurement and Green Growth launches the report “Procurement, Innovation and Green Growth: The story continues…”, which analyses the procurement and green growth business case. The outcomes of the discussion will form the basis of a two year work programme on green procurement and PFIs.

The discussion will cover:

  • The bottlenecks that are preventing the widespread uptake of green procurement and PFIs across national and local governments.
  • The first steps towards reconfiguring procurement and PFI laws, policies, programmes and procedures to enable them to act as catalysts for green innovation and industrial expansion.
  • The early experience in raising public and private capital for green public procurement and PFIs including infrastructure bonds, revolving funds and capital from institutional investors.
  • Determine the scope of a work programme on procurement and PFIs over 2013-2014.

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Organizers: International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Partnership for Procurement and Green Growth

Contact: Oshani Perera / Programme Officer
Phone: +41 22 917 8412
Mobile: +33 6 5083 8523
E-mail: [email protected]