Bio-based Growth

This session presents the scope and objectives of a public-private partnership in the making, discuss areas of improvement and develop recommendations based on discussion findings.  The following questions guides the session:

  • How does the global paradigm shift from oil-based to bio-based materials represent a unique opportunity for creating green growth and jobs in Europe and globally?
  • How can a public-private partnership help the most fundamental challenge that bio-based industries are faced with: building new value chains and improving the economics of production through up-scaling and industrialization?
  • What are the overall objectives of this public-private partnership on bio-based industries, what does it intend to deliver concretely by 2020 and what is its longer term vision for 2030?
  • What are the key milestones and prerequisites before this public-private partnership realizes?
  • What else is needed alongside partnering to kick-start sustainable and competitive bio-based industries in Europe?

The desired outcome of the session is to engage policy-makers and value chain stakeholders in a fruitful discussion about this emerging public-private partnership and to gather recommendations for further improving the initiative and ensure all elements are put in place to overcome existing challenges faced by the industry.

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Organizer: Novozymes

Contact: Anders Lyngaa Kristoffersen / Manager, Public Affairs, Region Europe
Phone: +45 44 46 08 44
Mobile: +45 30 77 08 44
E-mail: [email protected]