C40 Cities and Green Growth

The purpose of this session is to bring cities and the private sector together to examine key barriers to green growth solutions in cities, be inspired by existing solutions, and to establish the framework for transferring these solutions to other cities. The work will be taken forward by the newly launched C40 subnetwork on Green Growth, which will be chaired by the City of Copenhagen. This session convenes the first meeting in the network.

The session will be guided by four key questions:

  • How do cities and the private sector best systematically engage to accelerate green growth i.e.:
  • What types of strategies, policies, programs can cities implement to drive private-sector led green growth?
  • How can the private sector support cities in developing and implementing such strategies and programs?
  • How can we frame best-practice into an action-oriented level?

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Organizer: City of Copenhagen
Contact: Signe Gaarde / Senior Advisor / Green Growth
Phone: +45 33 66 22 83
Mobile: +45 24 98 09 38
E-mail: [email protected]