Breakfast Sessions

A number of sessions will take place in the morning of the second day at the beautiful Odd Fellow Palace, adjacent to the main venue of the 3GF. Breakfast sessions are thought as the place to present and discuss areas and initiatives that may inspire or develop into actual public-private partnerships. Existing public-private partnerships are deliberated upon in the various strategy sessions of the forum. See list of subjects for the breakfast sessions below. Around 30 participants are expected in each session where – as the name suggests – light breakfast will be served.

Follow the links below to read session-notes for the various breakfast sessions.


Green Business Model Innovation

Organized by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth / Nordic Innovation

Food Futures

Organised by World Resources Institute

Sustainable Fuels for Aviation

Organised by Air Transport Action Group

Hydrogen for Transport

Organised by Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership

Green Innovation Project

Organised by Brookings Institute and GGGI

Green Growth Best Practices Initiative