Energy Efficiency Indicators (Motor Systems)

This public-private initiative will over time develop, promulgate and promote a series of best-practice energy efficiency indicators across industry sectors and processes and end-user products. The overall objective is to provide best-practice bench-marks for industry leaders, managers and policy makers and to promote speedy compliance with these indicators globally. The initiative will build on the results and opportunities created by the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All and will seek to provide partners with new opportunities to leverage and enhance their work, while supporting capacity building and knowledge sharing among countries.

The objective of the strategy session is to consolidate the scope and reach clarity and guidance on core issues of the PPP’s work program, including type and quality of motor-system indicators, data-collection, coordination and integration into ongoing standardisation systems, private sector engagement and speedy up-take of motor-system indicators.

Energy efficiency measures are key if we are to keep temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. According to the IEA, energy efficiency is estimated to account for approximately 72% of total mitigation potential achievable by 2020. At the same time EE measures contribute to energy security whilst often also being effective at local job creation.

30 million new electric motors are sold each year for industrial purposes; 300 million motors are in use in industry, infrastructure and large buildings. Motor-systems represent a largely untapped, cost-effective source for industrial energy efficiency savings that could be realized with existing technologies. There exists potential saving to 10-15%, corresponding to some 129 billion USD in annual savings by 2030.

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Organizers: Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building, Global Green Growth Institute, UNIDO and IPEEC

Contact: Hans Jakob Eriksen / Director, GGGI – Global Green Growth Institute
Phone: +45 46 77 51 22
Mobile: +45 29 77 19 01
E-mail: [email protected]