The Forum

Global Green Growth Forum

The Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) is a global partnership consisting of the Governments of Denmark, South Korea, Mexico, China, Kenya, and Qatar together with a number of leading global corporations and international organizations. To see the 3GF partners please click here.

The mission of the Forum is to explore and demonstrate how better collaboration among leading businesses, investors and key public institutions can effectively realize the potential for long-term global green growth.

A rapid, large scale industrial transition is needed if global economic growth is to continue while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting societies to climate change and promoting a sustainable use of resources. The industrial transition to a green economy has the potential to unlock new growth engines, create new jobs and spur global economic growth. 3GF offers a unique space for governments, businesses, investors and experts to collectively identify and realise this potential. The Forum is a platform for creative solution-oriented thinking and bottom-up public private cooperation with the potential to give speed and scale to a green economic transition – and to reap the economic potential in the transition.

PPPs are advanced in cooperation with other international forums and processes, including the Clean Energy Ministerial, the B20 process, SEE4All, the World Economic Forum, UN Global Compact and the C40. Rather than adding to the diversity of the bottom-up initiatives for sustainable growth, 3GF gives existing initiatives a shared, informal, high-level platform, where the spotlight is put on their business case and ultimate potential to spur global economic growth.