The following countries are partners to the 3GF.


“3GF offers a space for world economic leaders to challenge conventional thinking and find new green avenues to growth. Green growth has to be at the core of a sustainable strategy to get us out of the economic crisis. To advance this global agenda, Denmark as well as other countries actively engaged in the green transition must take the lead, in close partnership with visionary companies and investors. Together, we can foster the bold decisions necessary to make all of us winners of tomorrow’s green industrial revolution. This is our common responsibility”, the Danish Prime Minister / Helle Thorning-Schmidt


“We are trapped in the false dilemma that we have to choose either the economic development or the environment.. It is possible to combine economic growth and sustainability. A low-carbon economy is key in implementing measures to mitigate climate change and that is the response to solve the dilemma: a low-carbon economy, the green path”,  the President of Mexico / Felipe Calderón


 Republic of Korea
“Public-private partnership is an essential driver for green growth in that it facilitates green entrepreneurship from the business and green stewardship from the government that will in turn foster environment for R&D and green investment. I am confident that 3GF will soon develop into a key platform for such partnership bearing the fruits of technological advances and industrial opportunities for our common future”, the President of the Republic of Korea / H.E. Lee Myung-bakn