Power System Transformation

This Public-Private Partnership is conceived a foundational and lasting component of the 21st Century Power Partnership (“21CPP”), a multilateral government effort of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM).

At the strategy session initiative leaders presented the draft work-plan of the 21CPP initiative broadly, and initiative leaders together with potential private partners presented plans on first priorities of the public-private dimension of the 21CPP, developments to date, and the approach and vision moving forward.

The following questions guide the process:

  • What policies and incentives will effectively engage the private sector in achieving a sustainable power sector?
  • What is the research agenda that will lead to a transformed power sector?
  • How can the private sector inform smart policies for power sector transformation?

Session goals:

  • Discuss the economic, social, and ecological impacts of power sector transformation
  • Clarify the financial and policy challenges of power sector transformation
  • Discuss the private sector role in achieving a new power sector
  • Provide background on the 21st Century Power Partnership

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Organizers: Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building with the Global Green Growth Institute and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Contact: Mackay Miller / Research Analyst
Phone: +1 303-384-7536
Mobile: +1-720-441-9991
E-mail: [email protected]