3GF Preparatory Strategy Meeting Participants

100+ stakeholders from the industry, organizations and governments came together on 26-27 March 2012 in Copenhagen to discuss the future role of 3GF at the Preparatory Strategy Meeting.

List of participants 


  • ABB Denmark: Claus Madsen, CEO
  • Abengoa: Thomas Gameson, Director
  • Accenture: Simon Giles, Global Head of Smart City Solutions
  • African Development Bank: Aly Abou-Saaba, Director of Agriculture and Agro-Industries
  • African Development Bank, Yogesh Vyas, Lead Environmental Expert
  • Alstom: Helle Juhler-Verdoner, Vice President Global Affairs, Environmental Policies & Global Advocacy


  • Cambridge Management and Research: Martin Powell, Managing Director
  • CESPEDES: Juan Manuel Diosdado, Executive Director
  • City of Copenhagen: Claus Bjørn Billehøj, Head of International Affairs and Green Growth
  • City of Copenhagen: Signe Gaarde, Senior Advisor, Department of Finance
  • Clean World Capital Biofuels: Dan Riise, CEO
  • Clean World Capital: Sten Nymark, Senior Advisor
  • Clean World Capital: David Jensen, Co-founder and Managing Director
  • Climate Policy Initiative - Venice: Barbara Buchner, Director
  • Cluster Biofuels Denmark: Per Møller, Project Coordinator
  • Confederation of Danish Industry: Hans Peter Slente, Director
  • Confederation of Danish Industry Bioenergi: Kristine van het Erve Grunnet, Senior Advisor
  • Confederation of Indian Industry: Sachin Joshi, Director
  • Copenhagen Capacity: Robert Arendal, Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador
  • Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster: Marianna Lubanski, Head of Cleantech


  • Danfoss: Lars Dyrhagen, Vice President
  • Danfoss Solutions: Lars Grønbæk, Managing Director
  • Danish Agriculture and Food Council: Søren Korsholm, Head of Bioresource, Climate and Energy Policy Unit
  • Danish Energy Association: Lars Aagaard, CEO
  • Danish Hydraulic Institute: Jørn Rasmussen, Deputy Managing Director
  • Danish Nature Agency: Jakob Møller Nielsen
  • Danish Technological Institute: Nicolai Søndergaard Laugesen, Business Manager
  • Deutsche Bank Group: Murray Birt, Assistant Vice President
  • DONG Energy: Charles Nielsen, Director R&D
  • DONG Energy: Michael Persson, Lead Regulatory Advisor


  • Export Credit Agency Denmark: Anette Eberhard, CEO
  • Energinet.dk: Hans Erik Kristoffersen, Head of Executive Secretariat
  • E-Systems: Rob Lichtman, Director
  • EuropaBio: Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Director, Industrial Biotechnology
  • European Climate Foundation: Bert Metz, Fellow
  • European Commission: Maive Rute, Directorate General for Research, Directorate E: Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food
  • European Commission: Torsten Ewerbeck, Head of Sector - Financing Tools, Unit C3 - Financial Instruments
  • EuropeAid Development and Cooperation Directorate-General
  • European Commission: Stefan Agne, Team Leader,  DG Climate Action, Unit A2 - Climate Finance and Deforestation
  • European External Action Service: Daniel Guyader, Head of Division, Global Issues
  • European Investment Bank: Mario Aymerich, Director, Environment and Regional Development Department


  • General Electric: Katja Antila, Communications Manager, Finland
  • Global Green Growth Institute: Richard Samans, Executive Director
  • Global Green Growth Institute: Mattia Romani, Senior Economist and Director of London Office
  • Global Green Growth Institute: Hans Jakob Eriksen, Director of Copenhagen Office
  • Global Green Growth Institute: Simon Zadek, Senior Fellow
  • Global Water Partnership: Chaminda Rajapakse, Senior Network Office
  • Government of Australia: James Choi, Ambassador to Denmark
  • Government of Ethiopia: Berhanu Solomon Genet, Director, Finance Support Programme Directorate
  • Government of Mexico: Francisco Barnés Regueiro, President, National Institute of Ecology
  • Government of Mexico: Ivana Fernandez Stohanzlova, Director of Bilateral Cooperation, Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources
  • Government of Norway: Terje Kronen, Senior Advisor, International Energy and Climate initiative – Energy+, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Ministry of the Environment
  • Government of Poland: Ewa Florkiewicz,  II Secretary, Deparment of Economic Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Government of Qatar: Samer Frangieh, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Qatar National Food Security Programme
  • Government of the Republic of China: Wang Zhongying, Director of China National Renewable Energy Centre, Deputy Director General of Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission
  • Government of the Republic of China: Fan Liqun, Head of the International and Regional Cooperation Department, China National Renewable Energy Centre
  • Government of the Republic of Korea: Sungbin Yim, Deputy Secretary to the President for Green Growth, Strategy Unit, Office of the President
  • Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Le Tuan Phong, Deputy Director General, General Directorate Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Nguyen Tien Vy, Director of Planning, Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Government of Sweden: Catarina Hedlund, Deputy Director, International Trade Policy Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Government of the United Kingdom: Paul Chambers, Head of International Low Carbon Technology, Department of Energy
  • Government of the United States of America: Graham Pugh, Team Leader, International Climate Activities, Department of Energy


  • Haldor Topsøe: Kresten Egeblad, Chemist
  • Hudson Clean Energy Partners: Bill Rogers, Managing Director


  • IBM: Kim Østrup, Vice President, Denmark
  • Innovation Center Iceland: Þorsteinn Ingi Sigfússon, CEO
  • InSpire Invest: Jan-Olaf Willums, Chairman
  • Institute for Industrial Productivity: Julia Reinaud, Policy and Programs Director
  • Institute for Industrial Productivity: Murat Mirata, Resource Productivity Consultant
  • Inter-American Development Bank: Patrick Doyle, Senior Climate and Energy Officer, Structured and Corporate Finance Department
  • International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development: Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz, Co-Founder and CEO
  • International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development: Ingrid Jegou, Manager of the Global Platform of Climate Change, Trade and Sustainable Energy
  • International Energy Agency: Bo Diczfalusy, Director for Energy Policy and Technology
  • International Energy Agency: Simon Müller, Analyst, Renewable Energy Division
  • International Energy Agency: Lisa Ryan, Analyst, Energy Efficiency Unit
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development: Oshani Perera, Programme Officer
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development: Sam Colverson, Consultant
  • International Synergies Limited: Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive
  • International Synergies Limited: James Woodcock, International Coordinator


  • Japan-China Economic Association: Akihiko Tamura, Head of Beijing Office


  • KfW Bankengruppe: Johannes Feist, Head of Division, Strategy Department


  • McKinsey & Company: Jeremy Oppenheim,  Director
  • McKinsey & Company: Fraser Thompson, Senior Fellow
  • McKinsey & Company: Marc Zornes, Engagement Manager
  • McKinsey & Company: Kinley Salmon


  • NIRAS: Erik Wormslev, Director Business Development
  • Nova-Institute: Michael Carus, Managing Director
  • Novozymes: Mads Madsen, Head of Corporate Positioning
  • Novozymes: Kåre Riis Nielsen, Head of European Public Affairs
  • Novozymes: Anders Lyngaa Kristoffersen,  Manager Public Affairs, Region Europe


  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: Nathalie Girouard, Green Growth Co-ordinator
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: Alexis Robert, Policy Analyst, Urban Development Programme


  • PensionDenmark: Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO
  • ProjectZero: Christian Eriksen, Project Director


  • Ramboll Energy: Magnus Killingland, Project Manager Sustainable Biofuels
  • Rockwool: Jens Laustsen, Senior Energy Policy Analyst


  • Scandinavian Airlines: Martin Porsgaard, Director, Sustainability and Environment
  • State of Green: Finn Mortensen, Executive Director
  • State of Green: Iver Høj Nielsen, Head of Press
  • Stern Programme on the Economics of Green Cities: Graham Floater, Director


  • Technical University of Denmark: Niels Axel Nielsen, Senior Vice President
  • Technical University of Denmark: Hans Hvitfelt Larsen, Vice Dean/Head of Division
  • Tekes: Kimmo Kanto, Director, Environmental Data and Space Applications
  • The Boeing Company: Richard Mills, Strategy Director, UK & Ireland
  • The Renewable Grid Initiative/Smart Energy for Europe Platform: Antonella Battaglini, Director and Programme Director


  • Unilever: Thomas Lingard, Global Advocacy Director
  • United Nations Development Programme: Casper Sonesson, Deputy Director, Private Sector Team, Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy
  • United Nations Global Compact: Georg Kell, Executive Director
  • United Nations Environment Programme: Fanny  Demassieux, Coordinator for Resource Efficiency
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Wilfried Luetkenhorst, Managing Director
  • University of Copenhagen: Katherine Richardson, Professor and Vice Dean


  • Velux: Kurt Emil Eriksen, Senior Political Advisor
  • Vestas: Michael Zarin, Vestas: Michael Zarin, Director, GR Communications, Group Government Relations
  • Vestas: Erik Kjær Sørensen, Director, Group Government Relations
  • Vestas: Jens Martin Alsbirk, Director, Group Government Relations


  • Water Resources Group, Anders Berntell, Executive Director
  • World Bank, Jarl Krausing, Cluster and Team Leader, Global Climate Change Policy
  • World Bank Institute: Kai-Uwe Schmidt, Team Lead,  Climate Change Practice
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development: Peter Bakker, President
  • World Climate Limited: Jens Nielsen, CEO & Founder
  • World Economic Forum: Dominic Waughray, Senior Director, Head of Environmental Initiatives

Government of Denmark:

  • Villy Søvndal, Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Martin Lidegaard, Minister for Climate, Energy and Building
  • Pia Olsen Dyhr, Minister for Trade and Investment
  • Ida Auken, Minister for the Environment
  • Michael Dithmer, Permanent Secretary of State for Business and Growth
  • Jens Lundsgaard, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Business and Growth
  • Morten Hvidberg, Head of Department, Ministry of Business and Growth
  • Ida Kragh-Ryding, Head of Section, Ministry of Business and Growth
  • Dorte Vigsø, Special Advisor, Ministry of Business and Growth
  • Morten Bæk, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building
  • Peter Bach, Chief Advisor, Danish Energy Agency, President of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
  • Anders Hasselager, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building
  • Nikolaj Lomholt Svensson, Head of Section, Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building
  • Adrian Lema, Head of Section, Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building
  • Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Environment
  • Anders Rune Bjerrum, Head of Section, Ministry of the Environment
  • Rasmus Boldsen, Head of group, Environmental Strategies, Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Morten Ejrnæs, Head of Department, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Søren Kelstrup, Head of Department, Trade Policy,  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Hans Hessel-Andersen,  Senior Technical Advisor,  Technical Advisory Services – Development Assistance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Anne Ehrenreich, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Tomas Anker Christensen, Ambassador and Under Secretary for Global Challenges, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Marie-Louise Wegter, Head of 3GF Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Lise Ryborg, Head of Section, 3GF Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ulla Payreen Lüders, Event Manager, 3GF Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Carina Larsfälten, Consultant, 3GF Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Josefine Urup Wolff, Student Assistant, 3GF Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Daniel Flentø, Student Assistant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Benedikte Fogh Larsen, Student Assistant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs