• 3GF’s inaugural gathering took place in Copenhagen, 11-12 October 2011. The annual two day event brought together 200 carefully selected global leaders across business, finance and public institutions to engage in in-depth discussions around best practice initiatives, supportive policies
    and collaboration opportunities to accelerate green growth.

    The Forum consisted of three interacting levels:

    • Parallel strategy sessions - A selected set of concrete or emerging public-private initiatives lie at the heart of the 3GF programme. The strategy sessions on 11 October 2011 will focus on a wide range of energy, transport and finance projects that dominate today’s green growth agenda. On 12 October 2011, thematically cross-cutting initiatives on public procurement and water will be featured in two parallel sessions. Some of these initiatives have existed for years; others are just emerging. Either way, the aim is to accelerate green growth by addressing the issues of scale and pace, and collectively identifying the potential barriers and opportunities.


      Energy Efficiency (Facilitator: Mr. Jeremy Oppenheim / McKinsey & Company)

      Renewable Energy (Facilitator: Mr Bo Diczfalusy / International Energy Agency)

      Financing Green Growth (Facilitator: Jonathan Maxwell / Sustainable Development Capital LLP)

      EV Test Markets (Facilitator: Lew Fulton, International Energy Agency)

      Fuels for Transport (Facilitator: Mr. Nader Mousavizadeh / Oxford Analytica)

      Sustainable Biofuels for Aviation (Facilitator: Mr. Jim Lane / American Biofuels Council)

      Water Resource Group (Facilitator: Mr. Dominic Waughray / World Economic Forum)

      Green Public Procurement (Facilitator: Mr. Claude Martin / IISD)


    • Parallel panels – Four panels on energy, transport, finance and trade / international markets linked the specific initiatives discussed at workshop-level with more general debates and strategizing with regards to policy, finance and regulation.


      Energy (Moderator: Mr. Jeremy Oppenheim / McKinsey & Company)

      Sustainable Transport (Moderator: Mr. Nader Mousavizadeh / Oxford Analytica)

      Financing Green Growth (Moderator: Mr. Michael Liebreich / Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

      Trade/International Markets (Moderator: Mr. Ricardo Melendez- Ortiz / International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development)


    • Plenary sessions - Four plenary sessions casted a broader view and offer insights the strategy sessions and panel sessions. The four plenaries addressed:
    • Plenary debate 1: Building an Enabling Environment to Catalyze Green Growth
    • Plenary debate 2: National Action on Green Growth
    • Plenary debate 3: International Action on Green Growth; and 
    • Plenary debate 4: Catalyzing Ambitious Green Growth: An Agenda for Collaborative Action
  • A full programme can be downloaded here, which also includes list of participants (subsequent to alterations). 
  • Outcome
  • The Chairman's summary concluded the Forum, and serve as a basis along with more specific recomendations from individual strategy sessions in subsequent high-level political processes and Forums (see Outcome for further details).